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Traditional Butchers End Grain Block from ChrisLabs.


Eco manufacturing at its best. Chrislabs' End Grain Chopping Blocks are all made from off-cut Macrocarpa and beautifully repurposed into these end grain boards. Each one will be different and unique wholly dependant on the offcuts they use. 


The board itself measures a wholesome  500mm x 300mm x 32mm thick x 3,6kg's!!


This beast will take a lot of chopping and because the end grain has been used the longevity of your knife cutting edge will be extended requiring less repetitive sharpening of the blades.


All health and safety measures are naturally applied when these boards are assembled. Food Grade Safety is first and foremost in their process ensuring all bonds and oils meet required standards.

And they will last you a lifetime!


Price shown is fully inclusive of GST and delivery to your door nationwide. Get yours today





Labs Butcher Blocks