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Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us. We need hours of aimless wandering or spates of time sitting on park benches, observing the mysterious world of ants and the canopy of treetops. – Maya Angelou

Let the Patio Lace DIY Bench create that wonderous space for you and your family to blissfully enjoy. Create memories on our bench that will last as long as the bench itself.


Each bench is hand made from stunning locally sourced Macrocarpa timber. Her build is both solid and functional. With more than enough room to fit 2 adults on, the Patio Lace park bench is an absolute must for every yard.


Dimensions: 57cm x 1.2M wide x 1M high.

The Lynnwood Bench

  • Lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship

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